Talking Shop

An interview series where we talk to freelancers about freelancing.

Kara Haupt

A designer discusses shaping her career around her passions from politics to community.

James Blair

A generalist decides to focus his energy and increase his time by creating a firm of specialists.

Natalie Semczuk

A remote project manager discusses how she keeps the wheels moving on projects and handles relationships from coast to coast.


Two multi-disciplinarian designers discuss balancing full-time jobs with moonlighting at their own studio and how to teach clients how to give better feedback.

Maggie Putnam

A typographer, letterer, and book designer shares how she learned to price herself and build confidence in the value of her work.

Brian Feeney

A designer/developer from Brooklyn discusses his love for prototyping and following his gut.

Math Times Joy

A design duo from San Francisco talks about their shared studio practice and building lasting relationships.

Ben Dodson

An iOS developer from Bristol discusses working remotely and the pros & cons of pet projects versus freelancing for clients.

Debra B. McCraw

A freelance copywriter from Chicago talks about being open to change and honing in on the clients she wants to work with.

Michael Egan

A freelance web designer from Nova Scotia discusses juggling work and maintaining client relationships.

Claire Boston

A freelance graphic designer from London talks about the value of time and the challenge of learning to say “no” to work.

Jamie Emerson & Andy Stone

Two Colorado-based agency co-founders talk about their transition from freelancing individually to running a small agency.

Alex Magill

A freelance designer from London speaks out against charging for your time and discusses jumping from one freelance gig to the next.

Stephanie Hider

A freelancer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma shares her dream about switching freelance disciplines to become a children’s book illustrator.


  1. Kara Haupt
  2. James Blair
  3. Natalie Semczuk
  4. Collectif
  5. Maggie Putnam
  6. Brian Feeney
  7. Math Times Joy
  8. Ben Dodson
  9. Debra B. McCraw
  10. Michael Egan
  11. Claire Boston
  12. Jamie Emerson & Andy Stone
  13. Alex Magill
  14. Stephanie Hider

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