Getting Started

An introduction to Cushion after signing up for an account. Learn how to create your first client, project, workloads, and invoice.


A deep dive into scheduling in Cushion. Learn how to schedule a project, utilize workloads, and forecast your availability.


The ins and outs of budgeting in Cushion. Learn how to set financial goals, estimate a project, and forecast your income.


Everything you need to know about time-tracking in Cushion. Learn how to track your time, use timers, invoice time, and view reports.


The most comprehensive guide ever written about invoicing in Cushion. Learn how to create, customize, and send invoices.


A step-by-step walkthrough to integrating with Stripe. Learn how to authorize your Stripe account and start accepting payments.

Running Costs

Take a close look at the costs that go into running a web app and why we use specific services.

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How It’s Made

Follow along with the journal for insight into the overall experience of building an app.

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