Why Cushion?

Aside from features, here are a few ways
we differ from the other services.

Built By Freelancers

Everyone who works on Cushion is an active freelancer, and we work out of a small co-working space, surrounded by other freelancers.

We’re solving our own problems by building Cushion, while still using it to manage our freelance work. Because of this, we’re always improving Cushion because we benefit from using it, too.

Photo by Sara Kerens

A Small Fast-Moving Team, Not a Giant Company

Our team consists of two full‑timers, Jonnie and Larry, and a handful of freelancers.

We prefer being small because it lets us move at an incredibly fast pace—without the slowdowns of a big company. We also think it’s important for users to know us, rather than being a faceless business.

Photo by Sara Kerens

A Small Business, Not a Startup

Our goal is sustainability—not rocket growth. We don’t have a short runway, and we’re not positioning ourselves for an acquisition. We’re in it for the long haul.

Each new customer means a lot to us because they directly support our salaries and running costs. By paying for Cushion, they’re investing in its future.

Customer Support From the Founders

We believe the best support comes from the people who built the service. We don’t have a “customer success” team, but we also won’t need to forward your question to the engineering team.

Because we wrote the code, we can answer literally any question you have about Cushion as well as provide deep insight into Cushion’s inner workings and roadmap.

Frequent Updates & Improvements

We’re builders first, so we’re always eager to launch new features and improve Cushion. If a week goes by without shipping something, we get antsy.

Instead of following a set-in-stone roadmap that spans months, we keep ours fluid in order to provide quick turnarounds for feedback and bug fixes. We’ve been known to deploy updates same day.


As a team of self-taught developers, we’ve learned everything we know from the shared knowledge of others.

We pay it forward by writing about our process in the Cushion journal and providing insight into our running costs.

Follow along with our progress and learn about everything that goes into running an app.

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Running Costs

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How It’s Made

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