Peace of mind for freelancers

Cushion will help you predict your unpredictable schedule and stabilize your unstable income.

Cushion was built out of a need for a less stressful freelance life. Its aim is to provide better insight and awareness, so the roller coaster ride of freelancing feels smoother, with fewer surprises.

Feature Scheduling

Visualize your schedule

Cushion shows your year as a whole, so you can confidently plan months ahead and avoid taking on too much work at once.

  • Schedule projects from a bird’s eye view

  • Easily see when you’re available or overbooked

  • Track delays and projects past their deadline

Feature Budgeting

Forecast your income

Always know where you stand with invoices and potential income. Set goals to separate what you need to make from what you want to make.

  • Track paid, invoiced, and estimated income

  • Specify minimum, target, and stretch goals

  • Support for 100+ currencies with automatic currency conversion

Feature Invoicing

Invoice with confidence

Send well-designed invoices that make you look like a pro and get you paid fast.

  • Accept card and ACH payments with Stripe

  • Get notified when invoices are viewed

  • Translated in more than 20 languages

Feature Insights

Learn about your clients

Cushion is smart and will teach you tendencies about your clients. Use these insights to decide whether you would work with these clients again, or if you’d be better off without them.

Cushion was exactly what I was looking for when I was overbooking myself without realizing it.

Being a visual person, Cushion helps me understand where my income is coming from and when it’s coming in.

Cushion is pretty to look at, easy to use, and tells me what I need from simple info.

Incredibly thrilled with Cushion so far. It makes me want to work and invoice more.

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