Cushion is starting to come together. I switched to the front-end and wired up several of the tab views. The projects table is currently loading in some very basic data from the API and begging for more. It’s difficult to built out the front-end little by little because I really want to add everything all at once. I know it won’t be that easy and it’s not the smartest move, considering the interface hasn’t been used by anyone yet.


The current plan is to add statuses to projects, like “Active”, “Pending”, “Potential”, etc. This way, we’ll have several tables grouped by their statuses rather than a giant table that’s difficult to read. After asking Twitter what statuses they typically assign to projects, I realized what I have been worrying about—nobody uses the same terminology. Almost every single person responded with unique wording. Because of this, I think it would be best to start every user with a set of default statuses, but let them configure the names to their liking. I’m cautious about adding settings or preferences whenever a tough decision arises, but I know this one is a must.