Since deciding to build Cushion, I’ve intentionally taken my time in choosing its stack. In the past, I used Spine on the front-end. I loved its clean syntax and small footprint, but, over time, I found it requiring a considerable amount of manual work for most tasks.

I started looking around and stumbled upon Vue.js, which is an up-and-coming front-end framework. It takes a few cues from the other available frameworks and combines them into a tiny, simple package. I really enjoyed its syntax and actually had fun experimenting with it.

As I used Vue.js, however, a worriesome feeling grew inside me. To me, Cushion is a long-term app, and I want to work on it for years to come. With this being the case, it wouldn’t be wise to go with a new, edge framework. Instead, I should be considering more proven, battle-tested frameworks.

I scrapped my existing code and started looking into AngularJS. So far, I feel incredibly confident using it, as every question seems to have an answer. Also, testing is at the forefront with AngularJS—all of their guides include steps on how to test the code they teach. This pulls at my test-loving heart strings.

While it would be fun to experiment with something new, I feel the need to play it smart and go with a veteran framework with an established community.