I’ve been writing a ton on my blog ever since redesigning it and building it on the Contentful CMS, which has been so much more natural for writing than the CMS that I use for Cushion. Because of this, I found myself writing Cushion journal posts here instead. Before I knew it, I had written a dozen posts! But even though I’ve been actively writing here, it didn’t look that way on the Cushion website. I definitely didn’t want to get in the habit of double-posting, so I had to make a choice—keep the posts separate or move them all here.

Rather than try to rewire the Cushion website to render posts from Contentful, I decided to link the journal here, so that all of my writing could live in one place. The blog’s new category pages make this much easier, too, by letting me link to the Cushion category page, so it’s less jarring for folks coming from the Cushion website to only see Cushion-related posts.

On the Cushion website, I renamed the “Journal” to “Jonnie’s Journal” to further emphasize that it’s more of a personal blog and hint that it might be external. I also set up redirects to handle the journal index, individual post routes, and RSS feed. I was especially concerned about breaking the RSS feed because there’s no guarantee that RSS readers would handle the redirect. Luckily, the new posts came flooding through, and I was able to let out a huge sigh of relief. I can only hope that this is a nice surprise for folks subscribed to the Cushion Journal feed.