Reading through the Cushion journal recently, I realized that it has slowly transitioned from daily thoughts into well-considered blog posts. I’m glad I’ve continued writing for this long, but I’m disappointed that I’m no longer jotting down the small thoughts that come up between major progress. Instead, I’m waiting until I’ve wrapped up a big feature and only writing about it after-the-fact. In doing so, I refrain from writing about the planning process and picking what to tackle next. I also miss out on writing about the struggle of being own boss.

This year, I’m going to try my best to return to these concise, stream-of-consciousness posts of what’s going through my mind on any given day. By waiting for a big feature to write about, I miss out on writing about things that are less important, but just as valuable. Being selective with my writing then spirals into a routine of writing less, which makes it even more difficult to write the next post. The more I write, the more I want to write. Writing becomes much easier the more I write, but once I fall out of a consistent routine, it starts feeling like a chore.

I’m hoping that this post triggers the feeling I had when I first started the journal. I wrote this in 10 minutes and I already feel more productive than I did after the last few posts, which end up taking hours to write, edit, and format. My goal is to write one post each week—at the very least. I should write one every other day, considering how much I think about Cushion, its future, and running it day-to-day. I truly love writing and it kills me that I haven’t been as consistent as I once was. If I fall off again, please let me know.