Tonight, I set up this journal to document my thought process throughout planning, designing, and developing this app. I want to be as transparent as possible, with the hope that it provides useful insight to anyone else interested in building apps. I’ll also benefit from this documentation as a way to record everything I consider, with the ability to go back and reference my stream of thoughts. This way, I can see what led me to the current state—maintaining a constant “post-mortem”.

Along with the journal, I also created a page for Expenses. Ever since reading Maciej Cegłowski’s post on server costs, I’ve been really curious about the expenses behind an app. Hosting is the most obvious expense, but what about the small, in-between expenses that we tend not to think about, like 3rd-party email and customer support services. I can certainly imagine them adding up quickly, so this will also be useful for me to see where my money is going.