Viewing Time Reports

Along with tracking time, Cushion has a report view for analyzing your time. In this view, Cushion groups your entries for each day, tallies their totals, and measures them against your weekday.

report view

Start by switching to the report view using the view switcher on the right.

month view

By default, Cushion will display the month report view. Using the graph navigation in the top right, you can visit previous months.

zoom out

The graph navigation also lets you zoom out to view the quarter and year views.

quarter/year view

Whereas the month view groups time entries by day, the quarter and year views group time entries by week.

day total

Hovering a column in the report view will display a tooltip with the day or week’s total time.


The report view graphs also include a line, so you can measure against your workday or workweek, depending on the zoom level you’re viewing.


In the preferences, you can adjust your workday. Cushion will automatically calculate your workweek using your workday setting.

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