Setting Up Your Account

When you finish signing up for an account, Cushion will take you through a few onboarding steps.

The first step involves personalizing your account, where you’ll be asked to enter a nickname. This nickname will simply be used to label the account dropdown within Cushion.

Next, pick your favorite color. There’s no real purpose for this color (yet), but it’ll be a good introduction to the color picker. Color plays a big role in Cushion, and we provide a handful of friendly colors to choose from. You can also cycle through random colors, if you’re feeling lucky.

Lastly, specify your default currency. This should be your native currency. It will be used when setting your financial goals and converting other currencies.

Once you finish onboarding, you’ll have the opportunity to set a handful of other preferences, like date formats, number formats, etc., to better personalize your account.

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