Ask a Freelancer

If You Want to be Treated Like a Pro, Act Like One

Aug 31, 2016

Ask a Freelancer is a podcast series where experienced freelancers answer questions about freelancing. Listen below, or on Soundcloud.

This episode’s questions include:

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Andy also hosts the Creative Pep Talk podcast, where he helps creatives strike the perfect balance between art and business.

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  1. Be You
  2. Accept Help
  3. Take The Plunge
  4. Strike the Ultimate Balance
  5. The First Year
  6. Go Your Own Way
  7. Downhill From Here
  8. Don’t Be Chicken
  9. Next Stop: Freelance
  10. Find Your Rhythm
  11. Why Rent Your Time When You Could Own It
  12. If You Want to be Treated Like a Pro, Act Like One
  13. Show the Work You Want to Get
  14. Freelancing is a Journey
  15. Always Be Planting
  16. Transitioning to Freelance

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