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Cushion will help you predict your unpredictable schedule and steady your unsteady income

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Cushion was built out of a need for a less-stressful freelance life. Its goal is to provide better insight and awareness, so the roller coaster ride of freelancing feels smoother, with fewer surprises.

Reach Your Goals

Cushion helps you stay on top of your financial goals by separating what you need to make from what you want to make.

Being a visual person, Cushion helps me understand where my income is coming from and when it’s coming in.

Invoice with Ease

Cushion’s invoices are simple, clean, and easy-to-read, so your clients will have no problem seeing how much they owe and when it is due.

Nothing else gives me this sense of achievement—seeing the invoices stack up.

Know Your Availability

Cushion can indicate exactly when you’re available based on your current workload—one look is all you need when talking to a new client.

Prevent Burnout

Cushion automatically highlights when you’re overbooked, so you can avoid taking on too much work at once. Burnout is fun for no one.

Plan Your Time Off

Cushion includes vacations in your work schedule, so you can avoid booking a client gig when you should be relaxing.

Share Your Availability

Cushion automatically keeps your status up-to-date on your website using the availability badge, which is customizable and easy to install.


Cushion integrates well with other services, so you won’t need to enter information twice—only a few clicks and you’re good to go.