Hi. My name is Jonnie and I’ve spent the past year working on Cushion, an app for freelancers. I’m a freelance designer/dev myself and have always had trouble planning and managing the year. I constantly take on too much work and never think to take a break. It’s unhealthy.

I don’t need a complex accounting app or another time-tracker—just a tool to provide better insight and bring a calm to the everyday rollercoaster ride that is freelancing. That’s why I built Cushion.

Here are a few of my favorite features:

Project & Invoice Tracking

See which projects are in the pipeline and which invoices haven’t been paid yet.

Client Tendencies

Keep tabs on clients by tracking their average delay and drag times. Know their real net.

Financial Goals

Separate what you need to make from what you want to make.

Cushion is currently in the middle of a paid beta. Beta users can pay upfront for early access, influence on the feature roadmap, and good karma, which helps me out with early development and server costs. If you are interested in participating and supporting Cushion, you can learn more here.

While building Cushion, I’ve also been keeping a process journal to document my thoughts, struggles, and decisions. The most recent post is about restructuring the project page.

If you want to stay up-to-date with Cushion, sign up below to be notified of updates and follow @cushionapp on Twitter.

If you want to participate in the paid beta, you can learn more here.