Peace of mind for freelancers

Cushion will help you manage your unpredictable schedule and bring a calm to your unsteady income.

Cushion is currently in private beta.

Kramerica $15,000
Vandelay Industries $10,000
J. Peterman $7,500
Vandelay $5,000
Kramerica $5,000
JP $2,500
Paid $25,000
Invoiced $15,000
Estimated +$7,500

Income At-A-Glance

Always know how much you have and how much to expect.

Segment By Clients & Projects

See which clients bring in the most and which aren’t worth the stress.

Financial Goals

Separate what you need to make from what you want to make.

Vandelay Industries Branding estimated 1 month duration

Schedule Forecasting

Avoid potential overlap before it turns into the perfect storm.

J. Peterman catalog $5,000 2 months late

Invoice Tracking

Stay on top of clients about those frustratingly late invoices.

Vandelay Industries identity Revisions 16 hours a week

Project Blocks

Visualize your workload by breaking projects into phases.

Client Insights

Keep tabs on clients by tracking their average delay and drag times. Know their real net.

Blown away by the Cushion beta. If you’re a freelancer, you’re going to want this tool.

Crawford Ifland

Incredibly thrilled with Cushion so far. Easy setup process, beautiful/simple visuals, AND it’s making me want to work and invoice more.

Natalie Semczuk

I’ve been playing with Cushion for 30 minutes, and I can already tell it’s going to transform my freelance business.

Ian Patrick Hines

Joined Cushion’s paid beta. Quite unlike anything I’ve used before, yet feels like something I’ve needed for a while!

Abhinav Chhikara

How It’s Made

We’ve documented the process of building Cushion since the original idea. Follow along with the journal or take a look at the expenses.

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Cushion is currently in private beta.