Front-End Dev

Part-Time or Full-Time (Remote)

The Team

Cushion is a small, nimble team of two—Jonnie Hallman (founder/designer/dev) and Larry Fox (backend dev). We enjoy a flexible yet productive schedule, a comfortable work environment, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We’re passionate about shipping new features on a weekly basis, then writing about what we learn. We work best with long spans of uninterrupted dev time and short, impromptu brainstorms—not long, drawn-out meetings. When we’re ready to call it a day, we unplug and head home.

The Role

You’ll work closely with us on every aspect of Cushion—from the product itself to the marketing website. When working on the app, you’ll be responsible for building smooth, intuitive user interfaces with a close attention to detail. When something doesn’t have a design, you’ll be able to improvise, but remain consistent with the rest of the app. As a remote dev, if the team is offline, you’ll be able to work independently and re-prioritize tasks when blocked.


Bonus Points

Why Cushion?

Next Steps

  1. Apply for the position
  2. We’ll follow up with an interview
  3. Complete a short, paid assignment
  4. We’ll offer you the position
  5. Work with us on a 3-month trial period
  6. We’ll ask you to continue working with us

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