Cushion Beta

Get early access to experimental features
and shape Cushion’s future

Early Access to Features

As a beta member, you’ll get early access to experimental features that we’re exploring for future versions of Cushion.

When testing these features, you’ll be able to shape them before they’re fully developed and steer Cushion’s roadmap.

First Look at Designs

Beta members also get a behind-the-scenes look at our work-in-progress designs and a chance to follow along with our process log.

This writing is more transparent and unedited than our public journal posts, which tend to revolve around a clear topic.

Constant Contact

We’ll be in close contact throughout the beta via in-app chats and video calls.

During onboarding, we’ll schedule a video call to walk you through everything and share our plans for Cushion’s roadmap.


With our current beta features, we’re exploring how bank feeds can help to automate workflows and visualize your financial “cushion”.

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Running Costs

Take a close look at the costs that go into running a web app and why we use specific services.

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How It’s Made

Follow along with the journal for insight into the overall experience of building an app.

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